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Cruelty Free & Vegan

Vegan and Cruelty Free Proud

All of our products are completely free of any animal product. Doing this has taken quite a bit of time to do research, but in the end its all worth it. Being CF myself for many years, has made me wonder why don't ALL brands go cruelty free? One word answer: Money. Its cheaper and more convenient buying products that involve animal testing, for me... its a major no no. If you have any questions about ingredients that aren't already listed on any products please send us an email.

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Care Instructions


Has your item cracked, broken or shattered? This happens to many products when not careful or being stored properly. Luckily, its an easy fix. If your trying to fix a shimmer shadow or highlight, take the product out of the pan completely. Mix until it has a slightly muddy consistency with 91% alcohol. (Do not mix with anything less than 91% as it will take days to dry and might lose all of its pigmentation). As soon as its all mixed put back into pan and flatten into pan. Press several times firmly with a paper towel over your product until your towel or tissue is totally dry. Let sit for a few hours, and your product is back to life.

If you have a broken matte product (this is much more simple). Take out of the pan, mix until a bowl until there are no chunks and then pour back into your pan and press. Do Not mix with alcohol or anything else. Matte products are made with very little alcohol.

If you have a pressed glitter that appears to be "leaking" Don't worry. It's totally normal, this is the oils seeping out. It will happen in heat, humidity and closed tight palettes. Its an easy fix, just repress the glitters until they are dry. We also recommend you open the palette or however you store your store and let them breathe a bit.


How Can I become A promoter?

First of all please understand we get so many emails every single day. If you really want to rise above the rest make sure your social media (preferably IG) is unique and represents who you are and what you love.


At this very moment we are not looking into any promoters. Please check back. In the mean time please don’t be afraid to try our products. If there is anything you are not happy with, let us know.