Loose Glitters (all Shades and sizes)

Loose Glitters (all Shades and sizes)

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Loose Glitters are a great option for all the glitter lovers out there who just want more! Loose Glitter jars hold 50% more product than my pressed glitters. Loose glitters always need some sort of a sticky base to be put down before applying the glitter otherwise it will nothing to stick to.

All jars will be labeled with the shade name you chose. 10ML Jar (small) and 25ML Jar (Large)

📣 Large flaked glitter marked with (*) are not intended to be used by the eyes. Please use with caution.📣

Shade Descriptions Below...

*▪ FreakShow - super multi glitter (BEST SELLER) Black base, yellow, green, blue,pink, green, blue, gold, orange all different sized flecks of multi colors.

▪ Work Bitch - gold & bronze

▪ Selfish (best seller) - golden orange with tiny flecks of lavender and pink

▪ Drop Dead Beautiful - Red & Black

▪ Alien - Dark Forest green & brown

▪ Slumber Party - Dark Purple with multi color glitter + purple and gold stars

▪ Womanizer - Gold, Green and Bronze

▪ Coupure Electrique - Dark Brown base with bronze and gold

*▪ Outta this World - Yellow/ Green shifting glitter with flecks/ chunks, stars and flecks of pink and purple

▪ Toy Solider - Brown with lots of dark blue flecks

*▪ Crazy - light pink & purple with multi glitters

*▪ Shattered Glass - Silver with tons of multi glitters


Super Holographic with a golden silver base

▪️ELECTRA HEART deep dark purple with pink flecks

Headlines - a iridescent yellow

Say you’ll be there - Pure black with dark blue sparkle

Too Much - Baby Blue glitters base, with purple and pink flecks

Isengard a deep dark holographic blue

*Rivendell a super iridescent lime green and yellow glitter with rainbow flecks

Samwise dark and light green with flecks of chunky gold

*Emotional Machine - UV Activated neon glitter

*National Anthem - Red, White and Blue holographic glitters floating in small, medium and large shaped holographic stars

*To Be Human - Gold and Black holographic glitter floating in small gold and black stars and larger silver holographic stars

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