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🔹 Su-Barbie-a ▪️ is a very cool toned pink, perfect for Barbie and completely matte

🔹Just Desserts ▪️ a coral with just a touch of sparkle. Not glitter just a sheen.

🔹E.V.O.L ▪️salmon brown with a matte finish.

🔹 Lonely Hearts Club ▪️rosy mauve with a matte finish

🔸Cola ▪️a Hot Cherry Pink with a matte finish.

🔸One Ring - EOWYN - a matte with a soft sheen -  deep salmon shade

Last Time Lover - Hot Fuchsia with tiny purple sparkles throughout

The Authority - Matte red/Orange with teeny tiny flecks of shimmer

Sanguinista - Matte Jam colored blush

All the blushes have a soft marbled effect and are completely talc free!

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